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Related article: Date : Wed, 20 Mar 2010 14 02. -0600 57 From: Brian TELUS u003csuddar40. net u003e Subject: Law BEN 13 n This story is fiction : it is sex between consenting adult males. if is under the age of eighteen years and prohibits any legislation in the country, the province or the country where you live, you must leave now. All place names on-events is purely coincidental. comments are always welcome : TELUS suddar40. net " LAW thirteen" red wine and explained that he and Joseph were ready. Ben and I stood and waited. " Your call Aaron, when you're ready. " " Oh, sure. Action. " He said. Red entered, followed by Joseph. Damn, that seemed true master and slave Guard. " Oh, I see all my children slaves and are ready for me. Well, who am I to choose tonight at my son. " Said Red. was not among the naked boy. Of what happened. Pedo Story Sites " My new boy. Are cute boy. Suck my dick. " When kneeling in front of red and took his cock in her mouth. Red grabbed her head and then forced almost all of his cockin that. As he began to choke and gag on thick solid red. Tears started down her face. Suddenly, Red moved of Than and hit him in the face. " You are young useless. " Walked Joseph and pulled her hair and as he moved toward the door. " You are my master satisfied. I will enjoy cutting the toy and then run the dogs. " " Then she was crying. " Cut. "Said Aaron. Joseph reached down and pulled, as in his arms and hugged him. " Easy son, it was just an act, you are too good to hurt. " " Wow, that seemed so real. " Aaron said. He came over and kissed her on that. Because you are now smiling and had an almost iron Joseph grip. Ben began the repositioning of the cameras for the next Singh act still do not know wanted to be the star of the film. When all was ready. " Action. "Said Aaron. Red was again up and down on the naked boy. Was Singh and then stopped and looked longingly at another child, shook his head and went back Singh. " You are young. I have chosen. Suck my dick. " " Please do not love. They are too big. " Singh called. ot the guy sucking the other children to join useless as food for my dogs. " began to suck the Red Rooster. It took very little time to build in red was full. " boy in the bed now. " Singh went to the king-size bed and looked as if Red had his robe n and then knelt on the bed. Red giant cock stood straight out of the body. Was much higher than Indian boy. He grabbed both legs and picked him up and pushed him forward. He grabbed a bottle of oil table beside the bed and lay down a little flexing pucker Singh. the poured some of his big cock. " Take your son thigh. "Red ordered. Singh shaking all over, but he grabbed her thigh and pull it in the head. I grabbed the Handi -Cam and Singh focused on small or hole of flexion. " I'll be a nice guy. " Red. " Just relax. " I knew this was a lie. Singh was about to rape by ahuge cock. cock was bigger than it was before Aaron, which was insignificant next to the Reds. Red took the head of his young cock hole Singh. He came to with the head of his cock and I was a little surprised when he slipped in Singh worked eyes, which had been closed, and before he could even move, the red blocks about 5 centimeters Singh. Singh had a long cry. Red did not stop at that point just fed n the rest of his cock in the Singh. Singh screaming and writhing on the bed. I just saw red had Pedo Story Sites about 7 inches into her nine Singh. " You're a good guy and tight. Just as I like. " Said Red. Red started slowly, Pull back and then fall back tears as the pain continued Singh Pedo Story Sites Red Monster split it open. He looked super hot in the hand - camera Red white cock slipped into the black ass of Singh. Red took almost all way back and stopped. When I saw the camera turned red in the face a look of joy I. God s help now Singh wasto get a real shock by Red cock. " Well, I think you're the smart guy. " Said Red. Singh shook his head, but Red just laughed and pushed his cock into that black ass as hard as he could set. Singh met with a long mournful cry. Red began to pile the kids really get ass. I soon saw that it was using the nine -inch, with its red fireballs ass Singh hit all time in red knew could take a long time. After nearly 10 minutes of pile driving in the ass Singh, Singh began to meet with his kicks. only Red goes faster. Red moved at the same time, Singh 's thighs moved downward, jacked his cock and blew his load on his chest and face Singh. The Singh grabbed by the hair and forced him to lick his cock clean. The resigned. 'Cut'. Aaron said. Aaron was in bed by Singh in an instant. " Are you okay ?" I asked. "Okay Aaron. It is starting to hurt, but I can do at any time, wants it now. " All the boys crowded around him congratulated Singh. aftHe gives Ben a few times each released back to work. " Aaron, Take Singh and give a good shower and clean it. Check sure he had not done any harm. " Aaron LED Singh in the bathroom in This study. "movie very hot. " Said Ben. " looked really great if I was near Red Tail plow Singh ass. I hope it goes well. " " I'm going this Pedo Story Sites afternoon to get edit and maybe we will all children show the finished product before sending a copy to Taiwan s to copy. I went to my office, rock hard after this production. I s had trouble concentrating on my work, I was so cool. go I just wanted to find Aaron, when, as in my office went out and closed the door. " Jerry, I can talk to you? " " sure what in his mind. " I want to do what he did to Red Singh. I would be the first Jerry. " The thought of fucking in the ass very small and very tight that I had more hot. " Then I am not very smooth when I take some of that ass. I think shOuld Get some first a little. " " Aaron told me that really hurt, but I want you to be the first. " " Come and take off. " He came over and pulled quickly. His cock was four inches out. Picked me up at the edge of my desk. Wait, I got n and sucked cock. Has hot as I have been, because blew a nice sweet load as soon as my mouth covered his cock. he only moan with pleasure before. he would not be Pedo Story Sites complaining soon. in fact, he could simply fainting from pain. I knew that if I had always been my gentle his whole cock in it. he was so small. went down and started to edge forgiven her little tight. he only complained about the desktop when I saw him surrounded. before reaching my cock still possible until it releases the stored energy I have my dick quick shot on goal in that ass. This is what my dripping cumm n distort your ass and I was very hard. Then I grabbed her thighs and raised my cock to his hole. I was starting pusAs for Aaron was in the office. " Well, you have not started yet. " He said with a smile. quickly pulled his pants and climbed astride the table then in the chest. He put his cock in her mouth then. Suck as to start Aaron and see my face right in front of me was simply forgiven Aaron into a frenzy. I pushed the head of my cock in the ass then. immediate reaction to his s was a gurgling cry during the tail of Aaron. That no , stop in pressure gradually bigger than my dick I had only one five inches and a half, when I was on the roof of his little tight ass. I not stop there, that as an opportunity to get used to the invasion of the cock virgin ass. After a few minutes, I pulled out slowly and then decreases again in the. As a sequel to scream and writhe in pain on the top of my desk n. The inside of her tight hole was so hot, I'm having trouble control of my emotions. Part of me knew I had to go gradually, while the n made ​​another piece that I have to be easy to drive l accumulationoco hole. The problem was that the part of me wanted to go slowly losing my cock was furious. Although began slowly, in no time I was in the pump and made into a frenzy almost animals. I held his thigh, while driving in and out of her ass as hard as I could. When I looked down I saw my penis was now of long duration. That led me harder. I was always very close to I felt a step back against my cock as I came, I took more than the top and I criticized my thick load in her bowels. When my penis slowly deflated I saw Aaron discharge in the mouth. He swallowed for all autumn. I saw me out, I worry that might have broken, as by ass. There seems to be no blood, so I thought it was probably good. I knew that I had the biggest penis around, but I also knew that his is the first time Pedo Story Sites probably felt like a telephone pole in the ass. I sat back my chair and watched as my cumm Then slowly Pedo Story Sites emerges from the hole. Aaron jumped off the table and ranThen around and knelt in the ass and began to will tire. On a whim, I grabbed her thighs and then pulled it from the desktop in my lap. Aaron was also back, went to his right, then the face n. " push, whatever that shit. " I've heard gurgling cry once and then Aaron. After a while I stopped that and put it on his feet. When he came to Aaron and licks my cumm bent and their juices from the face of Aaron's ass and then kissed him. Aaron got up and as he knelt down and licked and sucked his cock clean. " Turn around and bend over the table like. I make sure I did not break at all. " When he turned around and leaned on the counter, I pushed a couple of fingers in the it. He complained a bit. " That really hurt, when? " " No, Jerry, but it feels strange. " I'm back on its feet and gave the back. " How do you feel now, when? " " Empty. Aaron was right, it really hurts, but now I know, and I Aaron next. " " Aaron is much thicker than when I am. is even more damage. ""Well, I still loved him. " " I can at the latest. I have to speak privately with Jerry. " " Sure. Later today or how I can sleep through the day for tonight ? " " Well, there's an idea. " I said. "They come in 10 hours. " " Well, Jerry. " As dressed and left. " I wish I could feel something, as if she fucked Pedo Story Sites him Jerry was feeling. " " Hey love, feel, if you want the pain Pedo Story Sites he felt, would have to stop that ass is in for a couple of weeks. " I laughed. " I could not last that long without Jerry. " " So I wanted to talk to me? " " Well, I just wanted to be with you alone. " " so my little love bird, what would you now like I have alone. " " so after this movie, I'm so hot I wonder if it could be fuck you Jerry. " " love either the mouth or my ass any day time use and night for many times as you like. " I grabbed him and pulled him into my arms and kissed him. I woke up with is next in my arms and went to the big leather COUch. I put s down and then pulled down my legs and relaxed. without any preparation, and knelt between my legs and pulled Aaron was with the drain cock in the ass. Without some lube, your entry was extremely painful. He never seemed to notice my grunts of pain, which began only a fuck like a rabbit. He slammed his head back and eyes closed. In no time I felt nothing but joy when Aaron hit removed. As far as I was concerned to continue forever. It seemed really as usual. Sweat ran down his smooth body, long before he cried as he unloaded on me. Then rushed upon me. I hugged him. When started drawing, I grabbed her buttocks, keeping inside. " only love once? " I groaned. " That really burned me Jerry. I have to rest. " I lowered my leg and turned a little to my side and pulled him in deeper. " We may doze a little. " put his cock as far inside as he could, and then put her head on my in the chest. we reAllies have dormant for a while. I woke up with Aaron slow sliding his cock in and out of my ass. This time it Pedo Story Sites took over an hour. One hour of pure heaven for me. I felt another load of hot filling me. Aaron and fell to the side of me. After a few minutes rimming leaned back. I sat down, grabbed him and put him on the couch next to and reached down and wiped his cock. Then he leaned back and licked and cleaned his face. We then only the neck. I was super hard to taste our mixed juices in my mouth. Aaron fell down and sucked me off. " Thank you Jerry. What really needed to know that" " As I said love, anytime, anywhere. " The two got dressed. " I think a little fresh air and a beer in order. " I said. we went to the terrace of the hand. A very handsome boy who came to us and asked us if we wanted something different. " Two beers later, and maybe Timmy. " Said Aaron. I laughed. Timmy gave us two beers and asked what time. Aaron said tonight at ten o'clock in the suite. " cool. " He said,slipped away. " If you like to plan the whole flock. " " Yes. " He chuckled. We finished our beers and then left the island. Enjoyed all the eye candy. All the boys worked naked and truth be told to see all those tight buns and sweet cocks sometimes very difficult. It was the same effect on Aaron. We ended up back in the garage. on a whim I went back in search of a road in the missing part of the warehouse. I turned on the light and went to the entrance of the sub basement. Aaron had a very firm grip on my arm when I opened the door. " You're not down there Jerry ? " N " I want to see if it s on the other side of the basement of da. " " But I like Pedo Story Sites this place. I'm afraid. " " Simply hold the love. only be there a few minutes. " was surprisingly easy, the way in another part of the discovery Keller No, but at first it was a different matter. The door was closed and locked by three massive locks. We went upstairs. " I wonder why so many castles? " Said Aaron. " should be very valuable. I have Ben here down, and somehow to cut the locks. " got home and went looking for Ben. I found it in the edition of space. " done all that was about 65 minutes. You're right, should the price $ 100. 00 per copy. It's very, very hot. " " Ben, Aaron and I been doing some looking around and found us a room at the the back of the garage with three huge locks on the door. want to go to and look at it. " the two entered the garage and basement. Ben looked at the three locks mass. "Going to be cutting torches. I wonder if there is a place on the premises. " " Yes, Pedo Story Sites there, in the maintenance shed. " We the garage, towing a small trailer of one of the golf carts and was the maintenance shed, a small flashlight with bottles filled with fuel and headed back to the basement. It took all of tenMinutes locks the cut. We opened the door. A short flight of stairs leading into darkness. I'm back. "Ben said, and went into the garage and came up with two oversized lanterns. carefully climbed the stairs. When the lights comply with the inside of the rooms , which reflected in the glass. that shone my torch... along the two walls of the door, I discovered what I thought a light switch was and lit it, and stopped dry, the space was more than 30 full screen cases against one wall was a gun - rack, weapons of all kinds along the wall by the door were four heavy bags. \\ \\ n " Treasure Room. "Is Ben. N We walked around the Pedo Story Sites room looking for. I stayed in the back of some cases y took one of the clocks. " Hey Ben. Want a 'Rolex ' President, set with diamonds. " " Damn, this substance has to be worth millions. " Ben went to one of the tribes, and opened it. Pedo Story Sites " Shit. "I said. I went and looked in the trunk. Was filled almost to the brim with LeagueEE LED. States. money. I could see, with packages of 20, 50 and one hundred dollars bills instead of all the bands. The other strains were similar, except, British pound, euro and other currencies. "What the hell are we supposed to do with it? " I asked. " Well, that's something we're going to have to find it. " We left the room, we found both to be very surprised. Hell, if we , never assume the money. But what if someone found out, then , we would be in a world of pain. After dinner, Ben and I are locked in the office. " Well, what do you think, Jerry? " N "I do not think we can keep everyone. The pirate had to have friends and if we know that the Treasury is to make. looking "" I agree, , but I think it might have something of it and then report to the Government. can come and clean the place. imagine, especially if means communication. then announced that ' treasure ' Pirates' n found. " Well, keep doing what we do and what we give to the Govegove ? " " cash, maybe two million dollars from each tribe, watches, things like that. No weapons , although it would be nice to have but a few. " " Well, that sounds like a plan. For now should only have this among the our guys in the company. None of the children need to Pedo Story Sites know, except n Aaron, Sammy, Red and Joseph. " The next day we all took our children to the treasury. All for some jewelry, watches and so Ben and I had picked up 2 million every tribe and taken away and hid in the house. After we finished we went to our office. called the police and informed them that we have a found on the island hidden room full of stolen goods. said they were going to send investigators the next day. at dinner that night, we were told all the kids who have to dress the next day the police came to our island. More 11 hours, landed two police helicopters. Ben and I took treasure room he had found. were almost as surprised as we were. they went to work quickly photographing all accounts and do. One of the police commissioners asked us to talk to him. We were sitting in our office, I gave him a cold beer. " I guess they helped some of the flows of cash and jewelry. Do not care, but if I were you, I would have. There will be a ' the commission to pay. We looking for supplies for a long time. that we have to explore the island thoroughly. "" Well, Aaron, actually found it, looking at the plans the government has sent us. if , examined the room. you know the rest were. " is given to the press announced that the pirate treasure was found confiscated. If by chance you find any other hidden places on the island , I hope you will let us know. " " Very definitely. Actually, do not want all the treasure hunters bother us here. " Pedo Story Sites " I can see why. Good group of young people we have here. Filming is going well? " He laughed. In the next three days, police cleared the treasure room, including of the cases and weapons. When I checked later, it was now only a big empty space. We were sitting in our office. I could see the thought, Ben. I was sure he knew what was going to bring. " Jerry, I know you do not like what I have to say next, but as our business, you must give me your opinion. Snuff film we made in the United n sold only Pedo Story Sites about 3, 000 copies in the States, but has almost exhausted 100 000 copies here in Asia. to $ 200 per copy. I put a mark on the 700th $ 000 to our account in Taiwan. the dealer asked if we would do more. " " is there a big market for them here. " " Obviously. I told him I would let you know and that might be dealer, as long as we said the following. also would increase our the Commission on 80 percent of them. " " Look, to be honest, I have no Pedo Story Sites interest or as part of the production of. I am sure that Sammy would do. Aaron is not. He has even become afraid that for about torture the ground floor of the chamber. I 't stop, but you have to recruit victims to do it myself and everything. I will continue Pedo Story Sites with the regular things. We will also keep it a secret much longer. " " OK, Jerry, I will not tell you when and if I do and you never a victim. " " Well, now you can have a drink. " I opened the door to our office and the four guys came by our company enter Aaron was on my lap in a second, planting a big kiss on my lips. "What You mentioned two? " " I'll tell you later, dear. " After everyone had a drink, Pedo Story Sites Ben appeared in the edited movie did previous week. Was the first time we had the chance to review. To say, , it was warm is an understatement. Everyone was very impressed by the time he was captured n until the end. " Pedo Story Sites I have a copy mailed to our distributor in Taiwan. I said I wanted $ 100 net per copy. " " Remember, he will go for it, " said Red. " Damn sure, after he sees them. " " is likely to go for 200. "I said. Nothing was more mentioNed about snuff films. I told Aaron, and told me not want to know anything, either. One thing that struck us in the coming days is that, as is done seemed lost time. He really loved fucked, anytime, anywhere. I had at least two times and I know that Aaron and Sammy had at least many times. I thinking about his need to appear almost continuous cock in the ass. I asked if I wanted to catch on film. Maybe a gang bang all the children one by one that does culminate in him, Ben. I could only n I want to heal the tail all the time. Not that I minded. He is really was always very good in bed. was talking to Aaron about it. " This sounds pretty hot. As can be planned. " " Well, I thought I would have to be considered as shouting and tied on the bed n. Then starting with the youngest just pick their brains. to guys could blow in the chest and face, and no one could see the bubbles n to him. at the time he reached thany gross, I think it cock enough in it for a while, maybe slower, maybe not. Who knows. "left Aaron and got one. " Then you have to want in your own movie star ? " " Sure, what ? " " Well, fuck you all over the world here it is. One after the other. In addition, the is likely to end up covered in cumm. " " Cool can, if we do? " " I'll talk to Ben and lifted it. I'll let you know, a few days before n in. " " Thank you Jerry. ¿ I can sleep tonight with you and Aaron? "" Of course you can as. Take a look at ten. " I went up to Ben. When I could not find in the main house, I line of the dungeon. When I was shooting, I was not down. The door was open and not I could see the lights brighter than I thought it was just always ready. I went downstairs. Ben was the creation of cameras. If " I never see you here Jerry. " " Well, if you have had, I do not shoot. " Sammy returned from the cell area Pedo Story Sites and kissed me. N " Hello, Jerry. " " Hi little boy. " " Well, what dØ It is intended to recruit, "he said. " Well, actually I have two. " " Who? "N " The two Chinese children dress in Taiwan. They were part of the contract signed in Taiwan. Both were headed to jail. Both are HIV is positive and the dissemination of his sperm was it. The distribution found what they did and grabbed him. I wanted to discuss, , but then decided to sell to me. I told him he would not infect a someone again. " I could never understand why a person with AIDS was spread intentionally a another person. Was like a slow death. Pedo Story Sites I absolutely hated anyone who was doing. Maybe I 'd like to see Ben they have the movie. Pedo Story Sites you get what he deserved, as far as I'm concerned. Aaron no doubt feel the same way, but knew he would never come close to the \\ \\ n cell. 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